Installation of a super efficient, Takagi TK-2, tankless, flash water heater
 Moore House - Mountain View, CA  - June 2003

  • Installed in the garage to free up space in the laundry room.
  • 185,000 BTU / Category III fully sealed, powered flue
  • Uses a computer for internal control and diagnositics. 

Show below are the following:
  • flue
  • 1" Black gas pipe coming down from ceiiling
  • cold water pipe coming up with blue valve
  • hot water pipe going up and to the left (insulated), and
  • safety going down and out to daylight
  • CU bonding between plumbing
  • Electrical hookup
  • Garage door rail in front of water heater (4" front clearance formaintance is all that's required).

Special SS Cat III (fully sealed) flue reqires 4" space to any combustables within enclosed spaces, 3" otherwise.  

Note: exterior section is encased in 5" galvanized jacket to minimize interior condensation.